Regardless of the project’s size or budget end users want something that is memorable, something that makes a difference. High Impact Design utilizes maximum creativity to achieve the greatest visual “WOW” possible. It may be a piece of sculpture or entryway light, or perhaps a floating curved glass drop ceiling, or even a steel and glass collage internally lit with moving LEDs. Whether the location is vast or intimate, in today’s environment of “value engineering” the best use of design dollars is in High Impact Design and no one brings these designs to life like High Road Custom.

We primarily work with designers and architects to co-create site-specific design solutions: All types of lighting, sculpture, functional work including doors, gates and wall surfaces as well as architectural elements. Our environmentally responsible quality and craftsmanship extend well beyond the product into the process as we attend to every detail with creative care. To ensure our global reach we have developed our 6000 square foot facility to meet the most demanding requirements to produce unique and one of a kind products.

As innovators we set the standard by going beyond the normal into the truly exceptional. Highroad Custom will facilitate the production of most any quantity and size design feature to meet your needs.

Functional mixed media installations
The creative team at HRC has been working with clients for 28 years on one of a kind, site specific creations. Our use of wood, metals and every type of glass provide a vast array of design and fabrication options.

Large Glass light lenses and bowls
In addition to etching, carving and blowing glass, HRC has been casting float and hand made glass light lenses since 1995. Our large monolithic glass lights have been hanging in commercial, private and public spaces around the USA for more than a decade. The equipment we designed and built for this special thermo-forming process allows us to create glass objects from 8 inches to 8 feet in diameter. In 2006 we cast the world’s largest single glass lens at 98 inches by 23 inches deep.

vertical-inset-2Re-Glass 100% recycled glass surfaces
Our ecological awareness and concern drove us to develop our unique all glass counter, table, entertainment, furniture and wall surfaces. Re-Glass can be made in 3/4th inch to 2 inch thick slabs, all created to finished dimensions in a variety of styles. We are the only domestic producer of 100% recycled glass surfaces, no binders no fillers simply glass.

Float-Blown fusion
Through extensive research and our custom engineered thermo-forming equipment we are uniquely capable of combining two forms of glass-working together never done before. The science of glass amalgamation is second nature to us.

Still not quite clear as to what we do?
Click here to view some selected projects we’ve worked on and if you already have an idea and are ready to bring it to life, drop us a line here!