sustainable design is what we do
We were thinking green when it was still just a color. 
HRC uses and develops state-of-the-art production techniques in the creation of its work. We placed our 6000 square foot facility within a 4 mile radius of our raw material suppliers, including our recycled and reclaimed products.

We designed and built our equipment for thermo forming and high heat applications to ensure the very highest energy efficiency within the industry. We work constantly to reduce our carbon and VOC footprint and many of our products qualify for LEED certification points. Even a high percentage of our packaging and shipping materials are recycled.

If you are looking to put a little more green into your next project, be sure to give us a call as we thrive on challenge and probably have some innovative solutions up our sleeve that may have never crossed your mind. Check out our exclusive 100% recycled glass materials at Re-Glass.com.