page-titles-case-study-wyndamCreating the world’s largest monolithic cast glass bowls.

In January of 2006 High Road Custom was commissioned to create a series of 10 foot diameter ballroom fixtures and 68 inch tall wall sconces for the Wyndham in Phoenix, Arizona. The original chandelier concept was glass pieces to somehow look like draped fabric with a blue ring surrounding it and a light tree inside for illumination. We felt a single glass lens would be spectacular surrounded by a blue glass ring with a large blown glass ball suspended below and the client agreed.

HRC set off on a journey of experimentation lasting 6 months resulting in the design of a new glass forming kiln, AutoCAD concepts of how things should work and a high degree of excitement and confidence. The molding process as well as the firing sequence had never been done on this scale, by anyone.

HRC found a creative solution to each problem resulting in some of the most stunningly beautiful ballroom chandeliers ever made as well as a series of very large Float-Blown fusion wall sconces also an industry first. The industries pioneers and experts now call on HRC to consult about the feasibility of large scale monolithic glass projects.